How to Draw a Dolphin?

how to draw a dolphin

If you’re looking for an easy way to learn to draw a Dolphin, this tutorial will show you everything. It’s perfect for kids and novice artists! The images above show how your finished drawing is going to look and what you need to do. Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a downloadable, printable version. We cover many fun facts about dolphins. These are great for tablet drawing or just to download a copy and color it in.

If you love dolphins let us guide you to drawing your very own! Our fun detailed 5 step guide will show you how to draw one of these magical creatures! Walkthrough the steps with us.

Learning how to draw a dolphin

Step 1:

Start by drawing two circles, one larger and a smaller one to the front left, then draw two swooping lines towards the tail.



Step 2:

Next, we need to add a small circle(eye) inside the bigger circle. Then we need to add another longer shaped circle below the smaller circle. We can also add a line running from the smaller circle down the middle of the dolphin towards the tail and then flow into the bottom line. We finish this off by adding a curved line near the tail to make a “u”.



Step 3:

We then start to add a dorsal fin behind the dolphin, and we add two fins towards the bottom of the dolphin for the arms. We also start to bridge the nose together with the upper circle(smooth lines) and we also draw a mouth. Lastly, we add some tail lines like a bird “v”.

Step 3


Step 4:

We’re almost done now. Now we have to add some detail and close off some lines. Let’s start by adding a running circle inside the top dorsal fin. We then follow this up by doing similar to the arms below the dolphin. We close up the tail by connecting the lines to our “v” shaped bird of a tail. Now we are almost done! Let’s add some detail to the center of the dolphin bringing the top circle and middle body together with a long line kinda like a squeezed circle.

  • Download our PDF

Step 4


Step 5:

Now we have the finished pencil version of our dolphin ready to be colored! We’ve added some lines above the eyes for eyelashes and added some underlines to the eyes for detail. We also removed some of the extra outlines we had.

  • Download our PDF

Step 5

Final step 6:

Here is our finished and colored dolphin once we used our digital tablet with colors. We played around with different colors but settled on a spray paint style for our base and background.

  • Download our PDF

how to draw a dolphin

Thanks for checking out our guide and we would love to see your art on our social channels! Please upload your drawings to our Facebook or Instagram Page. We offer daily tours in Ponce Inlet starting at 10:00 am every day. Dolphins are amazing, have you ever wanted to know how long a dolphin can hold its breath? Or maybe how do they sleep? If you’ve got questions please let us know.

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