15 Things To Do in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

When you think of Florida, you might imagine sunny beaches, blue skies, and crystal-clear water. And if you’re looking for all of those things in one place, Daytona Beach is the perfect destination. We’ve built a list of fantastic fun and entertainment places to visit in Daytona Beach.

With a vibrant culture, exciting attractions, and of course, beautiful beaches, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and New Smyrna Beach have something for everyone. Theres plenty of things to do near you.

Here are 15 things to do in Daytona Beach, including our July celebration must-do activity with Ponce Inlet Watersports.

Visit the Daytona International Speedway

If you’re a racing fan, a trip to Daytona Beach isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic Daytona International Speedway. This famous race track has been home to some of the biggest racing events in the world, including the Daytona 500 and the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

But even if you’re not a racing enthusiast, a visit to the Daytona International Speedway is still a must-see Daytona Beach point of interest and a national historic landmark. The Speedway offers daily tours where you can explore the track and its facilities, including the garages, the pit road, and Victory Lane. You can even take a lap around the track in a tour bus or experience the thrill of driving a real race car with the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

For those who are interested in things to do in Daytona FL the history of racing, the Daytona International Speedway also houses the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. This museum features exhibits and displays honoring the greatest names in motorsports, from drivers to mechanics and everything in between.

Take a stroll along the Daytona Beach Boardwalk

One of the most iconic landmarks in Daytona Beach, the Daytona Beach Boardwalk has been a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike for decades. This historic boardwalk stretches for more than a mile along the beachfront and is home to a variety of:

  • attractions
  • Daytona beach boardwalk photos
  • including arcades
  • souvenir shops
  • restaurants

One of the must-see attractions at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk is the Joyland Amusement Center, which features a variety of classic arcade games and rides. Other popular attractions include the Daytona Beach Bandshell, which hosts free concerts throughout the year, and the Ocean Walk Shoppes, which offer a variety of shopping and dining options.

There are plenty of benches and picnic tables along the boardwalk, as well as several areas where you can rent umbrellas and beach chairs.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk fireworks are also a sight to see at this famous beach. The fireworks are every Saturday night starting Memorial Day weekend.

Go on a dolphin and manatee tour with Ponce Inlet Watersports

Ponce Inlet Watersports’ Dolphin & Manatee tours are a must-try experience for anyone visiting Daytona Beach. These tours provide a unique opportunity to witness some of Florida’s most magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. The tour will take you on a journey along the stunning Ponce Inlet waterways where you’ll have the chance to spot dolphins and manatees in their natural environment.

The expert guides at Ponce Inlet Watersports will provide you with insightful information about these creatures as well as the surrounding ecosystem. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the inlet and the incredible wildlife that inhabits it.

Daily tours start at 10:00 am, and children under 3 are free! In preparation, read our 23 Weird Facts About Dolphins.

Dolphin Tours & Manatee Tours

If you’re looking for an adventure, Ponce Inlet Watersports also offers a range of other watersports activities including:

With experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment, you can rest assured that your adventure will be both safe and unforgettable. So don’t hesitate to book your tour today and experience the beauty of Daytona Beach’s marine life with Ponce Inlet Watersports.

Visit the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

The Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in history and breathtaking views.

Located just south of Daytona Beach, this historic lighthouse stands at 175 feet tall and was built in 1887. Visitors can climb the 203 steps to the top of the lighthouse for panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding area.


The lighthouse grounds also feature a museum with exhibits on lighthouse life and the history of the local area.

Don’t miss the chance to explore one of Florida’s most iconic landmarks and take in the stunning views from the top.

Explore the Daytona Beach Oceanfront Park

Daytona Beach Oceanfront Park is a beautiful park located on the oceanfront in Daytona Beach, Florida. It’s a perfect destination for those who want to experience the natural beauty of the beach and the ocean.

The park offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages, including swimming, surfing, and volleyball.

If you are looking for stuff to do in daytona beach then try our local swimming, the park has a designated swim area that is patrolled by lifeguards. The area is perfect for swimming and cooling off from the Florida sun. For those who want to try their hand at surfing, the park has a designated surf area where you can catch some waves.

The park also has several volleyball courts for visitors to enjoy.

In addition to the activities, the park has plenty of amenities for visitors, including restrooms, showers, and picnic areas. You can bring your own food and have a picnic with friends or family while enjoying the beautiful ocean views. The Daytona Beach Shores are a wonderful place to have a beach day.

Take a tour of the Halifax Historical Museum

The Halifax Historical Museum is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Located in the heart of downtown Daytona Beach, the museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits that showcase the rich history of the area.

From the prehistoric era to the present day, the museum’s exhibits cover a wide range of topics, including Native American history, early settlements, the Civil War, and more.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the museum and learn about the various exhibits and artifacts on display.

The knowledgeable guides provide a wealth of information about the history of Daytona Beach and the surrounding area, and visitors are sure to come away with a deeper appreciation for the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The Hyatt Brown Museum of Art is also another great museum destination if that’s what you’re looking for.

Go shopping at the Daytona Beach Flea Market

The Daytona Beach Flea Market is a must-visit for all those who love shopping. With over 600 vendors spread across 2 buildings, this flea market offers a unique shopping experience. You can find everything from:

  • clothes
  • accessories
  • home decor
  • antiques
  • and more

The market is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and admission is free.

There are a variety of food vendors serving up everything from classic fair food to international cuisine. And if you need a break from shopping or eating, there are plenty of seating areas where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Daytona Beach Flea Market is also known for hosting special events throughout the year. From car shows and live music to holiday-themed events, there’s always something going on. Be sure to check their website or social media pages for upcoming events.

Visit the Mary McLeod Bethune Home

Mary McLeod Bethune was a prominent African American educator, stateswoman, philanthropist, and civil rights activist and was a close advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Her home in Daytona Beach has been preserved as a National Historic Site and offers visitors a glimpse into her life and legacy.

The home was originally built in 1904 and has been restored to its original condition with period furniture, artwork, and artifacts. Visitors can take a guided tour of the house and learn about Mary McLeod Bethune’s life and work, including her efforts to improve education and economic opportunities for African Americans.

Enjoy a day at the Beach

Daytona Beach is famous for its beautiful and pristine beaches that stretch for 23 miles. It’s the perfect place to spend a day basking in the sun, taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, or enjoying some beach activities.

You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas to relax on the soft sand or bring your own beach gear to enjoy various activities like swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, jet ski rentals, and more.

There are also plenty of beachfront restaurants, candy stores, and bars where you can grab a refreshing drink or a bite to eat while enjoying the ocean view.

Many of the restaurants offer live music, making it a great spot to hang out with friends and family. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Take a tour of the Museum of Arts and Sciences

With a vast collection of art, science, and history exhibits, visitors of all ages are sure to find something they enjoy. One of the highlights of the museum is the planetarium, where visitors can learn about the stars and planets through a variety of interactive exhibits.

The museum also features a stunning collection of Cuban art, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

For history buffs, there are exhibits on the prehistoric era, as well as the early days of Florida’s settlement.

In addition, the museum has a large collection of Americana, including antique cars and a Coca-Cola memorabilia exhibit.

Explore the Marine Science Center

Located in Ponce Inlet, just a short drive from Daytona Beach, this center is dedicated to education, research, and conservation efforts.

Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing Florida’s marine animals, including sea turtles, dolphins, and manatees. The center also has a rehabilitation area for injured marine animals, which visitors can observe through a viewing window.

In addition to the exhibits, the Marine Science Center offers educational programs and events throughout the year.

Visit the Daytona Beach Bandshell

The Daytona Beach Bandshell is an open-air amphitheater located right on the beach. It is a popular venue for concerts, festivals, and other events throughout the year. The Bandshell has a seating capacity of 5,000 and offers stunning views of the ocean. Check their website for upcoming events and concerts during your visit to Daytona Beach.

Take a day trip to nearby Orlando

Just an hour’s drive away, Orlando is home to some of the world’s best theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Check out our guide on What to do in Orlando for Free.

Go on a fishing charter

Daytona Beach is home to a variety of fish species, including redfish, snook, and tarpon.

Explore the Tomoka State Park

Tomoka State Park is a natural wonderland located just a short drive north of Daytona Beach. The park features 2,000 acres of unspoiled beauty, including miles of:

  • hiking
  • biking trails
  • fishing spots
  • picnic areas

Visitors can explore the park’s diverse ecosystems, including:

  1. wetlands
  2. oak hammocks
  3. pine forests

Wildlife is abundant in the park, with sightings of:

  • ospreys
  • bald eagles
  • manatees
  • river otters
  • among the many species that call Tomoka home

The park also offers a visitor center with exhibits on the park’s history, as well as a boat ramp for those looking to explore the Tomoka River by water.


Daytona Beach is a fantastic vacation destination with a wide variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. From exploring the rich history of the area at the Halifax Historical Museum and Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse to experiencing the beauty of Florida’s wildlife with Ponce Inlet Watersports‘ Dolphin & Manatee tours, there is something for everyone.

The beaches are the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun, while the Daytona Beach Boardwalk offers a fun-filled day of arcade games, souvenir shopping, and delicious food. With so much to see and do, Daytona Beach is sure to provide an unforgettable vacation experience.

Let us know your experience and what you decide to try in the comments below!


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